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Constructed by Integrity


Fully Integrated Real Estate Development



We’re able to acquire properties for an incredible price and value before we modernize them to meet vision, at which point they’re handed over to investors. Roger Development Group’s originality and industry leading practices allow our investors to feel confident in their assets.



Roger Development Group takes great pride in the beginning to end construction services we’re able to personally offer, thanks to our extremely professional and ‘in the know’ staff. We turn ideas into realities and our buildings take on a life of their own – ordinary to the extraordinary.



At Roger Development Group, we know there’s no better way to demonstrate reliability than to show a commitment to all clients, no matter the scope or needs because trust earns sales. So, we provide the very best type of residential and commercial real estate expertise and service around – sincere service.

For over 65 years, we’ve provided our clients with a unique combination of fully integrated services all under the same roof – it’s what many have referred to as the “Roger Development Group Advantage.” Our full-spectrum of real estate services belong to one of our organization’s three divisions where we handle development, sales and acquisitions: Roger Development Group, Gables Premier Realty and Roger International Corp. Every part of our organization is overseen by Oscar Roger, President and CEO, and managed by Oscar Roger jr., Vice President, which ensures that our clientele receive the same superior service at every stage of every project.


We develop residential, commercial, land and mixed-use projects aimed at improving communities in South Florida; accomplished by identifying and filling voids with attention to detail.



Our experience and expertise allows us to offer vast construction solutions, all of which can accommodate different management styles, so we’re able to suit every client’s needs



Roger Development Group understands that in order to meet the needs of the end user, it must take a customized and tailored approach to each consulting project, so we do.



Our understanding of the residential market is first class and our decades of experience provide us with access to the best architects, designers and other remodeling specialists.



At Roger Development Group, we have an extremely efficient and consistently proven turnkey type of system that allows us to purchase qualified projects in high-growth markets.


Sales & Marketing

We know only properties that sell are considered successes, so, we’re ready and able to help with every detail, which of course includes the marketing of the property for sales.


Licensed Residential & Commercial Broker

Decades of commitment to responsible sales practices ensures anyone is able to select a home that is right for them.